News 25 Jun, 2024

Sharing our safety tips on IMO Day of the Seafarer

Today is the IMO Day of the Seafarer, when we can all celebrate the vital contribution made every day by the men and women who serve at sea. There is no shipping industry without our seafarers, and their immense professionalism and commitment deserves to be recognised.  

The theme for this year is ‘your tips for safety at sea’ and our Loss Prevention team has shared some of their advice for seafarers and for everyone who has a role to play in supporting safety at sea.

  • From simple steps such as the importance of the right PPE and tools, to the value of a safety mindset and the need for a constant focus on risk assessment, here are our tips:
  • Safety is no accident. Always risk assess, never guess.
  • Always be aware of and critically assess the environment you are working in.
  • Safety is a state of mind - accidents are absence of mind.
  • Don't take shortcuts and follow the safe practices onboard.
  • Know your rights, including the right to stop work if you believe conditions are unsafe.
  • Always use the correct tool for the job.
  • Always wear the correct PPE for the job.
  • Always make sure you are fit for duty.
  • Illness, lack of training and intoxication can increase risk of injury.
  • Never enter a space unless you are 100% sure it has a safe atmosphere.
  • Look up, risks are in all directions.
  • Stop the Job if you think there is a risk.
  • PPE is useless in your cabin.
  • If you are feeling low, seek help.
  • Maintain effective communication with other crew members.

We all have a role to play in keeping seafarers safe at sea. Today, as we celebrate the indispensable role of all our seafarers, we should all take a few minutes to consider and share our safety tips.

On Day of the Seafarer, we are also grateful for the vital work of seafarer charities who provide essential welfare support around the world. West is proud to have a long-term partnership with Sailors’ Society, which is represented globally in 90 ports. We sponsor their 'Wellness at Sea' coaching programme, which supports the mental health of seafarers. This not only benefits those in need of support but also makes a value contribution to a reduction in accidents onboard.


To mark this year’s Day of the Seafarer, Sailors’ Society is inviting donations of ‘£25 on 25th June’ to fund their 24/7 helpline and crisis response, helping them to be there whenever and wherever they are needed. If you can, please join us in supporting Sailors’ Society. You can donate using the link below:

Donate here