News 29 Nov, 2016

Large Casualty Working Group 2016 Review Update

Members may recall that following the experience in policy year 2011 of both the “RENA” and “COSTA CONCORDIA” casualties, the International Group established a Working Group to review both those casualties and a number of other large casualties involving wreck removal liabilities for the ten year period between 2002 and 2012.

In 2013 the Working Group published a Large Casualty Working Group Review and Executive Summary. Since then the Working Group has continued to monitor large casualties involving wreck removal from 2012 and a further six casualties have been analysed. An update to the original LCWG Review has now been published together with an Executive Summary which can be found here. Specific attention is drawn to the updated conclusions and additional guidance provided by the review both to Clubs and to their Members. If there are any questions Members should contact the Managers.