News 12 Nov, 2013

Lebanon - Notice of Boycott Restrictions

We are most grateful to our Commercial and Legal Correspondents in Lebanon Maurice G. Mouracadé & Co. and Baroudi & Associates respectively for the following advice concerning vessels calling at Lebanese ports:



As a result of the Arab-Israeli conflict, many Arab states including Lebanon have introduced boycott regulations that prohibit/restrict free trade with Israel and Israeli interests.

Under these boycott regulations, vessels that have previously called at an Israeli port are at risk of being blacklisted and prohibited from trading to such states. In Lebanon, vessels found to have been blacklisted after entering port are usually detained and fined.

To minimise the risk of such penalties, Members trading to Lebanese ports are advised to obtain a written certificate from the Arab Boycott Bureau of Israel’s Beirut Office prior to arrival confirming that the vessel is not blacklisted unless they are certain that the ship has never called at Israel in the past, regardless of ownership. 

Members may contact the Club’s commercial or legal correspondents in Lebanon for more information or assistance regarding the above. Full contact details can be found on the Correspondents page.