Loss Prevention 11 May, 2021

COVID-19: South Africa Heightens Measures for Port Calls

Emma MacCarthy
Emma MacCarthy
Loss Prevention Officer

As viruses naturally mutate over time, COVID-19 has developed multiple mutations globally. As a result, countries and ports have had to update their policies and procedures often to keep up to date, and South Africa is no different.  

Our local legal correspondents Shepstone and Wylie have notified the Club of the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) Notice No.13 on the subject of Health Risk Alerts in relation to COVID-19. 

Masters are required to make accurate Maritime Declarations of Health and Wellbeing of all mariners onboard a vessel to the Authorities, this includes suspicions of any other health infections. Any false declarations will be viewed seriously, reported to the South African Maritime Authority (SAMSA) and Port Health Officials for further action that may result in a detention, fine, and additional penal measures. The Master is responsible and accountable for all crew on-board the vessel and will be held liable for any false declarations. The agent of the vessel is to ensure that accurate health declarations are made; if not, they face the consequence of suspension of their Agent Registration Certificate. 

Masters must make a declaration of crew who joined the vessel in the last thirty days including the transit points they travelled through. Stowaways must also be declared.

All vessels are required to declare the last 10 ports of call with the Arrival Notification. The Port Authority will determine which vessels are required to have COVID-19 testing completed prior to berthing.

No shore leave will be permitted for anyone from vessels infected with COVID-19.

Daily temperature monitoring records will also need to be submitted to TNPA and any other relevant Authority. 

Reference TNPA Health Risk Alert Notices: