Loss Prevention 31 May, 2023

New Learn the Ropes Loss Prevention Video Published

A new video has been added to the Club's recently released LEARN THE ROPES video series, detailing the correct procedure for performing fumigation and the potential hazards involved.

Many agricultural products need fumigation before and during a voyage with guidance and requirements found within IMO's MSC circulars 1264 and 1358. However, only a specialist must apply the fumigant, and at least two crew members, including one officer, must be trained to ensure safe conditions on the voyage.

After applying the fumigant, the fumigator remains on board to ensure no gas leaks occur from cargo holds. Then, before departing, they confirm that the ship is safe and give the Master a written statement. Finally, before sailing, the Master must ensure all precautions are in place.

The new video "Fumigation of Dry Cargoes" highlights the correct process to perform fumigation, including common issues experienced, signs of problems and how to prevent such issues with fumigated cargo.

The video is available to view through the Club's video page or West P&I YouTube® Channel. A digital copy of the video may be obtained by contacting the Loss Prevention Department.