News 07 Dec, 2012

Nigeria - Anchoring off Lagos Port

Club Correspondents Africa Marine Services have advised that the Nigerian Ports Authority has recently published a new Public Notice regarding the anchoring of vessels in Lagos roads. Vessels have been found to be anchoring in close proximity to Lagos harbour entrance causing an increase in the number of close quarters situations and at least one collision. In addition, vessels have also been anchoring in prohibited areas and have damaged submarine telecommunication cables.

Nigerian Ports Authority Public Notice No. 3817 details the limits of the prohibited anchorage areas, including the waters around a soon to be installed weather buoy in Lagos roads. The Notice also includes the co-ordinates of a new anchorage area which vessels are required to use.

Vessels anchoring in prohibited areas may expect to be targeted by the Nigerian Authorities and sanctions imposed.

Members requiring further guidance are advised to contact the Loss Prevention department.