News 03 Nov, 2022

Sustainability & Impact Policy Statement

We are pleased to be issuing our Sustainability & Impact Policy Statement, which outlines our commitment to a continuous journey of sustainability and making an impact. 

Some 90% of global trade is ocean-going, meaning that approximately 11.9 billion tonnes of cargo are carried by sea. West has been building foundations for a safer and stronger maritime industry for 150 years and we believe that we have a duty to ensure that this industry remains resilient and sustainable.

Adopting sustainable practices is clearly a responsibility for everyone and businesses have an important role to play in advancing the transition to a more sustainable future. 

West is committed to building a strong industry for its’ people and the communities within which we operate, while also helping our members navigate the challenges and capitalize on the long-term opportunities and benefits of progressing toward a more sustainable maritime industry.

Our Sustainability & Impact Policy Statement highlights the ways in which we have already been making an impact and how we plan to invest in a sustainable future. Furthermore, it illustrates the ways in which we actively seek to be a part of the solution, by the adoption of seven of the United Nation’s 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs), used as a blueprint in enhancing our ESG strategy.

Find out more about how West is working towards sustainability and making positive change here.

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