News 12 Oct, 2020

Alert on the PCR certificate quarantine requirements set by KDCA

Steven Knaggs
Steven Knaggs
Senior Claims Manager

New Korean quarantine legislation, which came into force to combat the spread of Covid-19, is being enforced by authorities in respect of all vessel calling at Korean Ports.

The Korean Quarantine Act imposes strict requirements relating to the origin of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test certificates. PCR certificates that are not issued by designated medical institutes will not be accepted by the Korean authorities.

Due to the number of vessel’s arriving at Korean ports without compliant PCR certificates, the KDCA, as of 8th September 2020, instructed local authorities to press criminal charges against the crew and owners that are in breach of the Quarantine Act. These charges could result in imprisonment and/or fines being imposed but almost certainly delays to the vessel’s operations.

More details on the impact of the Korean Quarantine Act have been supplied by the Club’s Korean correspondent, Spark International, and can be found here PCR Certificate Quarantine Requirements Set by KDCA.

A list of Designated Medical Institutes can be found here Designated: Medical Institutes For PCR Certificate.