News 15 Oct, 2020

Neptune - West's New Global Information Portal

Tony Paulson
Tony Paulson
Head of Asia & Corporate Director

The new system will benefit Members with easy access to real time global information that supports their operations.

View Neptune's walkthrough video to show the full array of features that the new portal has to offer.

Today the Club has announced the launch of Neptune, a comprehensive global information portal for Members, brokers and Club correspondents. Providing security, operational and bunker information at ports globally, the portal will deliver comprehensive information to Club Members.

The West’s Neptune tool was developed in conjunction with Geollect and incorporates data such as the Club’s claims experience, maritime security reports, sanctions, weather, sailing directions, maritime news, tides and a wealth of other port-specific information. It also creates an even faster and simpler way to access West’s extensive Loss Prevention information resources, including local COVID-19 updates. 

Exclusive to West, Neptune also provides access to comprehensive data provided by the leading fuel testing and inspection company Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) on bunkers delivered at the world’s top ten bunkering ports, as well as the ability to request data on other bunkering ports. A library of our loss prevention information on bunkering as well as VPS’ Port Alerts helps make Neptune a unique point of reference on bunkers for West Members.

In 2020 the dual challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and IMO 2020 have highlighted the need for owners and operators to be able to access port-specific data in real time. The Neptune portal has an easy to use interactive map layout and enables the West’s Members to easily find actionable information and create custom reports for their key ports and geographic areas of interest. 

West is excited to be launching this new portal that will provide West Members with vital information right at their fingertips. This market leading tool compliments the support that the West offers throughout every facet of voyage activity, directly supporting our Members’ operations. Making information gathering simpler and more accurate enables ship owners and operators to manage their operational risks accurately when they really need to.