News 14 Oct, 2021

New Claims video series launched together with Bills of Lading resource library

Our Claims team today launch their Introduction to Bills of Lading video, the first in a series of videos aimed at providing helpful guidance to Members on several key topics.

An introduction to Bills of Lading

Our Claims team have produced a series of videos aimed at providing our Members with guidance on some commonly encountered key topics. The series will initially cover Bills of Lading, Letters of Indemnity and Off-Hire.

Today we have launched the first in the series, an Introduction to Bills of Lading by Claims Director (Asia), Fiona McCoig and Claims Manager (UK), Christina Anderson. In this video they describe the three functions of a Bill of Lading and common issues which can arise from the perspective of the contractual carrier. 

Watch here

The video is available to view through the Club's video page or West P&I YouTube® Channel. A digital copy of the video may be obtained by contacting the West Marketing Department.

Bills of lading resource library

We’re also pleased to announce that we have created a dedicated resource library on Bills of Lading, where Members are able to access all of West’s videos, webinar recordings, claims guides and articles on this topic. We have included all the latest news on paperless trading (E-Bills), which are becoming increasingly common in many shipping trades. West has produced guides and other information to help guide Members in this evolving area.