News 11 Oct, 2022

Neptune - Bunker Info tab updates

Dmitry Kisil
Dmitry Kisil
Senior Loss Prevention Officer

BIMCO-IBIA survey carried out in May 2022 suggests that an average bunker quality dispute costs US$ 54,000. Access to bunker quality statistics may help avoid such conflicts. 

A regular update of the bunker quality data has been uploaded to Neptune . The update covers six months, from May to October 2022.

Let’s zoom in on VLSFO quality which is being supplied in Antwerp.

In the current period, VLSFO bunkers delivered in Antwerp have failed to comply with the Sulphur content limit in 5.6% of cases. 3.9% of samples have shown Sulphur content between 0.50% m/m and 0.53% m/m, while 1.7% of test results exceeded 0.53%m/m – the level above which a buyer can claim that the specification has not been met. 

Graph highlighting Sulphur Compliance (VLSFO)

For more information on fuel analysis test results interpretation see 02/2016 CIMAC Guideline and the latest revision of ISO 4259 standard. 

4.9% of samples collected in Antwerp have been found off-spec on various ISO 8217:2017 technical parameters. For example, cat fines exceeded the standard limit in 2.1% of samples, a maximum figure being 252 mg/kg (!). 1.1% samples failed on Pour Point being above 30°C, while 6.9% of samples have been marginally on-spec falling in the 25-30°C range.

Neptune bunker quality statistics is powered by Veritas Petroleum Services.

The Club Members have access to upgraded WEST Fuel Advisory Service via Neptune or by contacting Loss Prevention Department directly.