News 12 Oct, 2023

Israel: Port Status Update 12/10/23

Steven Knaggs
Steven Knaggs
Senior Claims Manager

The Club has received information from Harpaz P&I, an Israeli P&I correspondent.

12 October 2023


The port of Ashdod remains operating as usual, though there are current restrictions and prior notification requirements for vessels carrying certain hazardous materials. Guidance was issued by the Port Authority to port agents on 7 October 2023 and remains in force. Members should contact their port agents or correspondents for further advice and an up to date list of hazardous materials.


The port of Hadera is operating as usual.


The port of Haifa- which also includes the Haifa Bay Port and Israel Shipyard Port -is operating as usual.


The port of Eilat is operating as usual.


Vessels at this port discharge cargo only whilst moored at sea buoys. This port is still not operating as usual and any decision to moor a vessel is taken based on the security situation, which can change at any time.

The security situation and above advice is subject to change at any moment. Members are advised to maintain contact with port agents and correspondents to monitor any changes.

With thank to Harpaz P&I www.harpazpandi.com