News 18 Jan, 2011

Piracy Update - Piracy Intelligence Reports

Further to the ongoing piracy problems in the Gulf of Aden, Somali Basin and the Indian Ocean and in addition to the information provided by the Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa, the US Office of Naval Intelligence is now issuing Piracy Analysis and Warning Weekly Reports covering the piracy situation in these areas. The reports include details of piracy attacks over the past week and feature a map showing possible pirate activity during the days ahead.  

NATO’s Counter Piracy Operation Ocean Shield also publishes pirate activity alerts on its website together with a weekly assessment of the piracy situation and an alert map showing the locations of recent attacks and the areas of risk.  

Vessels may find such reports useful when trading in or through the Gulf of Aden, Somali Basin and Indian Ocean, supplementing the advice contained in Best Management Practices (Version 3).  

Members requiring further advice should contact the Loss Prevention Department.