News 04 Aug, 2014

Port State Control - Paris and Tokyo MOUs - Concentrated Inspection Campaign on STCW Hours of Rest

The 45 maritime authorities of the Paris and Tokyo MOUs on Port State Control (PSC) have announced that they will be running a joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) from 1 September 2014 until 30 November 2014 addressing compliance with STCW hours of rest requirements.

Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) conducting routine PSC inspections during the currency of the CIC will use an additional checklist of nine items covering the following areas:

  • Is a watchkeeping schedule posted in an accessible area?
  • Does the actual manning meet or exceed the requirements of the vessel’s Minimum Safe Manning Document? Non-compliance on this point would be considered clear grounds for detention.
  • Does each watchkeeper maintain a record of daily hours of rest?
  • Are hours of rest records being correctly kept?
  • Are hours of rest records endorsed by an appropriate person?
  • Are rest periods as required by STCW being complied with?
  • Following departure from port, will the watchkeepers on the first and subsequent watch have had sufficient rest? If the PSCO deems this will not be the case then the vessel may be detained until the required rest has been taken.
  • Are crew on call receiving compensatory rest after being called out to work?
  • Do records indicate whether a lookout is posted on the bridge as part of a navigational watch?

If any questions are answered with a “No”, then a deficiency will be imposed. If the vessel does not comply with the requirements of its Minimum Safe Manning Document, and / or if watchkeepers are not rested sufficiently to take the first and subsequent watches after departure, then the vessel may be detained.

Members requiring further guidance are advised to contact the Loss Prevention department.