News 15 Jun, 2017

Qatar - Severance of Ties by UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Egypt - Further Update

Further to our News Item of 8 June 2017, the Club has been advised of the following updated information regarding measures introduced by the UAE in respect of Qatar.

The Federal Transport Authority of UAE issued a notice on 11 June 2017 to all UAE ports and ship agents, which states:

"With reference to the decisions issued by the Government of United Arab Emirates on severing relations with State of Qatar, all UAE ports implement the following:

1.       Not to receive any Qatari flag vessel or owned by Qatari Companies or Qatari individuals

2.       Not Load / Unload any cargo of Qatari origin in any port or water of UAE

3.       Not to allow ships to load any cargo of UAE origin to State of Qatar

Kindly informed and alert those concerned to implement strictly."

The following ports within the UAE have amended their individual directives to fall in line with the FTA notice:

  • Fujairah
  • Saqr
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Al Jazeera
  • Al Jeer
  • Sharjah

In addition to the above restrictions, the following ports however are still refusing entry to all vessels (irrespective of flag) going to/coming from Qatar as last/next port of call:

  • Abu Dhabi Ports (Khalifa, Musaffa, Mina Syed)
  • Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports
  • Jebel Ali
  • Hamriya
  • Rashid
  • Dubai

Importantly for Members, the FTA’s notice has relaxed the restrictions at the Port of Fujairah. The Harbour Master at Fujairah has verbally confirmed that the port will now permit international flagged vessels (i.e. not Qatari flagged or owned) at anchorage to conduct service operations such as bunkering, de-slopping, obtaining fresh water and stores even if the vessel is coming directly from or going directly to Qatar.  Please note however that crew changes are still not permitted.

The information previously provided concerning the measures taken by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt remains as per our News Item of 8 June.

The Club will update Members further as soon as information is available. In the meantime, Members should contact Steven Knaggs at the Club with any specific queries.