News 21 Apr, 2015

China - Pollution Response - Qianhe Group

The Club has recently been made aware of an issue regarding the Qianhe Group, which provides pollution response - or “SPRO” - services as well as sludge removal in a number of ports throughout China.  

Investigations by the Chinese customs authorities into Qianhe are said to be currently taking place. The International Group is closely monitoring the situation through its lawyers in Beijing and who are maintaining liaison with China MSA.

At the present time Qianhe remains a qualified and approved SPRO. Their status in this regard remains valid and has not been revoked. Members with annual contracts with Qianhe do not therefore need to do anything at present regarding those contracts since they remain valid. If however Members have a ship imminently going into a Chinese port where their contracted SPRO is Qianhe they should look to make alternative arrangements with another SPRO on a single voyage basis until Qianhe’s status is clarified.

Members looking to sign SPRO contracts in ports in China where Qianhe are operating should likewise check what other SPROs operate in those ports. The Club would be pleased to advise Members with regard to the status of such SPROs’ tariffs and contract wording. Information and copies of IG-recommend contract wordings can be found on the Club’s dedicated China pollution webpage.