News 26 Feb, 2018

Renewals 2018/2019

The West of England has had another successful renewal and thanks the Members and their brokers for their continued support during the last 12 months.

Whilst maintaining our usual disciplined approach to underwriting, which led to the cancellation of a number of Members who did not meet the Club’s underwriting requirements, interest in the Club remains strong across all regions. This was illustrated in particular by ongoing organic growth from existing Members throughout 2017 and from a number of new attachments on February 20th.

The total number of owned mutual vessels now entered remains effectively unchanged for the new policy year although entered tonnage has again increased in line with recent policy year trends as newer vessels have replaced smaller vessels during the course of the year and at renewal.

The Club is dedicated to providing excellent service and continues the sustained operating performance of recent policy years across all of its offices worldwide.

T J Bowsher
Managing Director