News 08 Sep, 2014

Russia - Kerch Port Loading Anchorage

Club Correspondents, Dias Marine Consulting PC, Odessa have advised the Club of the anchorage area where vessels loading at the port of Kerch are to proceed.

The transhipment anchorage area is bounded by the following co-ordinates and is entirely located outside Russian territorial waters:

  • 44˚ 52.3’ N;  036˚ 33.5’ E
  • 44˚ 53.0’ N;  036˚ 38.5’ E
  • 44˚ 48.1’ N;  036˚ 38.5’ E
  • 44˚ 49.1’ N;  036˚ 34.0’ E

A navigation chart of the area has apparently been published by the Ukrainian State hydrographic office.

Members are reminded that Kerch Commercial Sea Port is subject to sanctions imposed by the European Union; and are referred to our recent news article Sanctions in Respect of Ukraine and Russia – Transit through Kerch Strait.

Members should contact the managers with any questions concerning sanction issues - Tony.Paulson@westpandi.com or Robert.Searle@westpandi.com