News 12 Jan, 2007

Safety Alert - Shigi Shipbuilding Co Type SRS-37 Lifeboat Release Gear

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada has released internal correspondence regarding a lifeboat drill which resulted in a fatality. The lifeboat fell eleven metres into the sea during recovery operations when the Shigi Shipbuilding Co Type SRS-37 release gear opened unexpectedly.

Subsequent TSB investigations found that the lifting hooks were not fully locked into place even though the release handles had been secured using the retaining pins provided, giving a false impression that the release gear mechanism had been reset prior to hoisting.

Shigi Type SRS-37 release gear is no longer in production but was fitted to approximately 500 lifeboats before the design was changed. It is not known how many units are still in service.

Members with vessels having lifeboats equipped with Shigi Type SRS-37 release gear are advised to check that the release mechanisms are working correctly and to ensure that their crews are properly trained in the use of this equipment, taking full account of the TSB’s findings.