News 28 Sep, 2022

Neptune - Bunker Info tab updates

Dmitry Kisil
Dmitry Kisil
Senior Loss Prevention Officer

The bunker quality data has been updated. Please visit Neptune for the latest figures spanning from April to September 2022. Please log in and go to the Bunker Info tab.

Over the preceding 6 months quality of HFO bunker lifted in Rotterdam showed a spike of non-compliance with ISO standard on viscosity – 45.8% of samples were found off specification. There seems to be a problem in that region as the same parameter was found off-spec in Antwerp in 36% of samples. It should be noted though that RMG and RMK off-spec samples were only marginally over the respective limit.

VLSFO supplied in all ten biggest bunkering ports has been mostly up to the requirements. ULSFO delivered in Northern Europe has been failing on Sulphur content and on Pour Point. MGO bunkered in Manila was technically off-specification in 94.6% cases because the samples were tested against ISO 8217:2010 spec, where the FAME limit for DMA was still 0.1%. In reality, FAME did not exceed 2.7% what would be on-spec had the samples been tested against ISO 8217:2017.

Bunker quality figures are provided by Veritas Petroleum Services.

Given that bunker fuel markets are dynamic, we have decided that information accessible via Neptune should only cover a period of the last 6 months in order to remain relevant. However, data on specific historical intervals, various bunkering locations, or particular quality parameters is available upon request.

WEST has upgraded its Fuel Quality Advisory Service. In addition to bunker quality statistics, the Club Members have access to prices and the calorific value of the bunkers. Please, contact Loss Prevention Department.