News 14 Nov, 2012

SOLAS - Amendments to the IMDG Code (Amendment 36-12)

In May 2012 the IMO Maritime Safety Committee at its ninetieth session adopted the amendments to the IMDG Code contained in Resolution MSC.328(90). Contracting governments may apply the new requirements, in part or in whole, on a voluntary basis from 1 January 2013. Compliance with the amendments will be mandatory as from 1 January 2014. 

Of the many changes to the IMDG Code, some are of particular interest:

  • Ten new UN numbers have been added up to UN 3506, covering, amongst others, chemicals under pressure and mercury in manufactured articles. Two UN numbers covering liquids which are toxic if inhaled have been removed from the Code.
  • Chapter 7 on stowage and segregation has been reorganised to contain general stowage and segregation rules, rules specific to different vessel types and cargo transport units.
  • A new definition “Protected from sources of heat” has replaced previous requirements for cargo to be stowed “away” from sources of heat, shaded from direct sunlight and similar provisions.
  • The requirements governing segregation from foodstuffs have been amended.
  • The stowage categories for explosives have been revised and there are now only 5 categories rather than 15.

The amendments have been incorporated into the 2012 edition of the IMDG Code which is due to be published shortly.

Members are therefore advised to ensure that their vessels comply with the new IMDG Code requirements from 1 January 2014, or 1 January 2013 in whole or in part if required by the vessel’s flag state.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.