News 28 Oct, 2019

West's strong financial performance continues

Tom Bowsher
Tom Bowsher
Group CEO

Mid-year Update

The Club’s capital has remained stable over the first half of 2019, with the Free Reserve forecast to increase to US$312 million.

This strong financial performance has been reaffirmed by rating agency Standard and Poor’s (“S&P”) recently, confirming the Club’s financial strength rating of A-, with a stable outlook. S&P commented that “the Club remains very well capitalised and that this excellent capitalisation will continue to be sustained”.

The Club's investment return for the first six months of 2019 is 3.9% and our commitment to a conservative asset allocation has been maintained.

We remain committed to maintaining our capital position, by addressing the premium and claims imbalance and reducing the reliance upon investment return. This will be the focus as we enter the 2020 renewal season.

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