News 21 Mar, 2019

Tropical Cyclone Idai Almost Destroys Beira in Mozambique

Club Correspondents, P&I Associates, Durban, South Africa have provided information obtained from the managers / operators of Beira port on the situation in Beira Port as of 20th March 2019, as follows:

“On the 14th March, the Central region of Mozambique and most notably the city of Beira were profoundly affected by Cyclone Idai. There have been fierce winds and water damage to the city and the surrounding area with lives lost, destruction of property, no electricity and no water available.

The Port was well prepared in advance and thus has sustained only limited damages. On the General Cargo Terminal, the warehouses have suffered severe roof damage and are out of order for at least a month. The fenders on the quays are being replaced and will be installed today resulting in two fully functioning quays, with a third expected to be ready on the 21st March. All major debris has been removed from the terminal, and it is now fully accessible. Equipment was stored safely and is operational.

On the Container Terminal, no full containers were damaged. The Gantry Cranes withstood the storm, and the single lift cranes have suffered damage to their engine housing and repairs will take a few days or longer. The two twin lift cranes have only had problems with water infiltration which has been fixed, and they are expected to be operational today. NAVIS operating system is running in the office, and they are working to re-establish functionality in the terminal. They plan to be fully operational again later today.

The BGT Terminal sustained damages to the silos, but the conveyor system is intact, after dealing with water-related problems the terminal is expected to become operational in a few days.

The road to Beira is currently not accessible due to the flooding, only once the water has lowered and deemed safe, the road can then be used again.

Communication in Beira is still difficult to maintain, and reliance has been put on VSAT for internet. Voice services are expected to be re-established in the next few days until then email has been a reliable means of communication.”

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.