News 19 Mar, 2013

UKHO - Counterfeit Charts and Publications

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has recently published a warning concerning a noticeable increase in the number of counterfeit Admiralty charts and nautical publications in circulation.

Counterfeit charts and publications may contain errors making them unsuitable for passage planning and passage monitoring. In addition to breaching copyright laws, vessels using such material will not be complying with SOLAS requirements and may be exposed to Port State Control sanctions.

Members are urged to ensure that only official charts and publications from trusted suppliers are provided to their vessels. Further information including guidance on how to spot counterfeit charts and publications can be found in the UKHO notice “A Guide to Identifying Genuine Admiralty Products”. If counterfeit products are found on board they should be removed and destroyed at the earliest opportunity.

Members requiring further assistance should contact the Loss Prevention department.