News 22 Jul, 2011

United Arab Emirates - Dubai Anchorage Regulations

Club correspondents Inchcape Shipping Services, Dubai, have advised of the introduction of new anchorage areas and regulations off the coast of the Emirate extending to the edge of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has issued a Maritime Bulletin announcing the introduction of the new requirements. The bulletin also states that ships that anchor outside the approved anchorages without authorisation, or which engage in unauthorised Ship to Ship (STS) transfer or bunkering operations, will be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.

Five new approved anchorages have been specified:

  • Port Jebel Ali Anchorage (short term)
  • Port Rashid Anchorage (Anchorage A) (short term)
  • Long Term Anchorage (Anchorage B)
  • STS and Bunkering Waiting Area Anchorage (Anchorage C)
  • STS and Bunkering Operation Anchorage (Anchorage D)

Vessels planning to anchor at either of the two short term anchorages for less than five days must obtain authorisation from the Harbour Master’s office. Any vessel wishing to anchor in either of the short term anchorages for more than five days, in anchorages B, C or D, or in areas outside the designated anchorages must obtain authorisation from the DMCA.

Vessels anchoring within anchorages B, C or D are liable for anchorage fees calculated in accordance with Dubai Government Department of Finance approved schedules. Local agents should be able to provide information regarding the costs involved.

The Dubai authorities have also stated that no laden single hull tankers are permitted to anchor in Dubai’s waters.

The regulations also contain a number of health and safety and pollution control requirements for vessels anchoring off Dubai:

  • No hot work is to be conducted without the prior permission of the DCMA
  • The external transfer of sludge, oil, oily water or other liquid contaminated by oil is only permitted with the written authorisation of the DCMA
  • The discharge of black or grey water in or around Dubai’s anchorages is prohibited
  • Overboard painting, hull bottom cleaning, or the cleaning of decks, bulkheads and/or structures with caustic, acidic, or toxic chemicals is only permitted with the written authorisation of the DCMA

Full details of the anchoring and reporting requirements including the co-ordinates of the new anchorage areas can be found in the Dubai Anchorage Regulations.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.