News 09 Dec, 2011

USA - Vessel General Permit One Time Report Submission Deadlines

Further to the Club’s news article regarding the submission of Vessel General Permit One Time Reports via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) online reporting system, there has been a change in the deadline for the submission of reports for vessels which obtained Vessel General Permit (VGP) coverage on or prior to 19 September 2009. The original deadline was 19 December 2011. However, due to problems with the EPA’s preferred online report system, the deadline has been extended and reports may now be submitted by the 6 February 2012 at the latest.

For vessels that obtained VGP coverage after 19 September 2009, the One Time Report must be submitted between 30 to 36 months later. The EPA will also accept One Time Reports from vessels having less than 30 months coverage. However, if the 30 to 36 month window for submission falls after the expiration date of the present VGP (19 December 2013), the submission of a One Time Report will not be necessary.

Vessel that were not required to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI), ie small craft under 300 GT and with less than 8 cubic metres of ballast water capacity but over 79 feet length overall, are still required to submit a One Time Report in line with the foregoing requirements.

If a vessel has not operated in United States waters covered by the VGP since an NOI was submitted, a One Time Report will still be required unless a Notice of Termination (NOT) has been filed.

For further information please see the EPA website or contact the Loss Prevention department.