News 12 Feb, 2014

Venezuela - Potential Short Loading of Petroleum Coke at Jose Terminal

Club correspondents, Venepandi C.A. Caracas, have advised the Managers of the potential for Green Delayed Petroleum (Pet) Coke cargoes at Jose Terminal, Venezuela to be short loaded.

While stockpiled and during loading, the terminal operators are reportedly spraying the cargo with fresh water to maintain the temperature at a suitable level and to prevent auto-ignition. In some cases the fresh water is said to have increased the weight of the cargo by as much as 400 metric tonnes. However, it seems that the cargo figures provided by the terminal may not take account of the additional water.  

The water subsequently drains from the cargo on passage, giving rise to an apparent shortage at the discharge port. The volume of water can often flood the cargo hold bilge wells, making it difficult for ships’ staff to determine accurately the lost weight.

Members with vessels loading or proceeding to load Green Delayed Pet Coke at Jose Terminal should consider the appointment of an independent surveyor to conduct a draft survey and a precautionary cargo loading survey to protect their interests. Cargo figures should, so far as practicable, reflect the actual quantity of cargo loaded.

While on passage the vessel should endeavour to monitor, measure and record the quantity of water that drains from the cargo to help counter any shortage claims that may arise at the discharge port. Cargo hold bilge water is to be disposed of in line with MARPOL requirements; due to the possibly oily nature of water emanating from a petcoke cargo Members are advised to contact the Managers for guidance.     

Members requiring further advice should contact the Loss Prevention department.