Notices to Members

No. 7 - War Risk P&I - Charterers’ Comprehensive Cover, General Notice Of Cancellation, 27th September 2001

September 2001

Dear Sirs

War Risk P&I - Charterers’ Comprehensive Cover
General Notice Of Cancellation, 27th September 2001

As a consequence of the World Trade Center tragedy on 11th September, Members with chartered entries which are insured on the basis of the West of England’s Charterers’ Comprehensive Cover are now advised of a significant modification to their cover for war risks.  This reflects a general concern particularly with the Club’s reinsuring underwriters that the risk of war has increased significantly in certain trading areas.

Accordingly, pursuant to Rule 3A(3)(b) we hereby give seven days Notice of Cancellation for those areas (referred to as Excluded Areas). This Notice shall run from 2400 hours GMT 27th September 2001 and will become effective 2400 hours GMT 4th October 2001.

Cover excluded in accordance with 3A(3) will be considered as automatically reinstated upon expiry of the notice period, but in the event of an entered vessel sailing for, deviating towards, or being within the Territorial Waters of any countries or places described in the Excluded Areas as set out below (including any port area that at the date of this notice constitutes part of such a country or place howsoever it may hereafter be described), additional premium shall be paid at the discretion of the Club’s Managers.

Information of such voyage or deviation shall be given to the Managers as soon as practicable, but the absence of prior notice shall not affect the reinstatement of cover subject to the payment of additional premium to be agreed.

In the event of the Member not requiring continuation of cover for an entered vessel under Rule 3A(3) proceeding into or remaining in an excluded area, they shall so advise the Managers before the commencement of such voyage, deviation or period and Rule 14 shall apply. Cover as per Rules and the Member’ terms of entry shall be reinstated once such an entered vessel leaves an Excluded Area.

Excluded Areas with effect from 2400 hours GMT 4th October 2001 will be:

    1. Persian or Arabian Gulf and adjacent waters including the Gulf of Oman North of 24°N.
    2. Angola (including Cabinda)
    3. Israel
    4. Lebanon
    5. Libya (including Gulf of Sidre/Sirte)
    6. Eritrea
    7. Somalia
    8. Congo, Democratic Republic of (formerly Zaire)
    9. Liberia
    10. Sri Lanka
    11. Sierra Leone
    12. Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of (Serbia & Montenegro)
    13. Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea
    14. Yemen/Peoples Republic of Yemen (North and South)
    15. Pakistan
    16. Oman
    17. Syria
    18. Algeria
    19. Egypt

Members who have chartered entries should ensure, whenever possible, that they are included as a co-assured under the Owners primary Hull and P&I War Risks Policy.

Please contact the Underwriting Department immediately if you have any queries regarding the above.

Yours faithfully

The West of England Ship Owners
Insurance Services Limited

(As Managers)

RP Hunter