Notices to Members

No. 6 - Computer systems

September 2004

Dear Sirs


The Club is in the process of introducing new computer systems that are designed to improve the information and documentation available to Members, particularly in relation to invoicing and certificates of entry.


Completely new formats for invoices and statements have been developed following a pilot project last year with a number of Members and brokers. Invoices will continue to be issued for all entries but, following the change this policy year to a quarterly instalment basis for the payment of premiums, it is proposed that in future, payments to the Club should be made against monthly statements.

Statements, which will be made up to, and dated, 20th of each month, will be payable before the 20th of the following month. The statements will list individually all invoices, cash receipts and other credits since the previous statement date and will identify those amounts which are payable before the following statement date separately from those that are payable thereafter.

Invoices will be issued with a due date to coincide with the monthly statement date, except where the invoices relate to claims matters, such as claims deductibles and bail fees, which will continue to be payable immediately. However, they will, together with the related payment, appear on the relevant statement in order to provide Members with a complete record of transactions.


There will be some changes in the format but not the content of Certificates of Entry, Endorsements and related documents to facilitate their production and transmission electronically, although the documents will continue to be available in paper form. In addition short form Certificates of Entry will be available for open cover entries for charterers.


All claims reference numbers will be modified so that the current numerical prefixes will be replaced with the policy year in which the incident arose.

For example file reference 1/567890 under the current system would, if the claim arose in the 2002 policy year, become 2002567890.

Yours faithfully
The West of England Ship Owners
Insurance Services Limited

(As Managers)

R J B Searle