Notices to Members

No.9 2021/2022 - Dangers of Carrying Iron Ore Fines from Pepel, Sierra Leone - Mandatory Notification Requirements

Simon Parrott
Simon Parrott
Chief Underwriting Officer

October 2021

Dear Member,

Dangers of Carrying Iron Ore Fines from Pepel, Sierra Leone – Mandatory Notification Requirements


This Notice should be read in conjunction with Notice to Members No.7 2021/2022 - Sierra Leone - Carriage of Iron Ore Fines Cargoes - Liquefaction Risk relating to the dangers arising from the carriage of mineral ores from certain jurisdictions which also forms part of this Notice.

Mandatory Notification Requirement

Whilst it remains the responsibility of the Member to ensure full compliance with the IMSBC Code and to take any measures necessary to ensure the safe carriage of iron ore fines from Pepel, Sierra Leone, Members who plan to fix or charter a ship to load iron ore fines from this port, or where under an existing fixture a ship is ordered to load such cargo, must contact the Managers at the earliest opportunity and, where possible, provide the following information:

· Ship name

· Port/anchorage of loading and estimated time of arrival

· Date of intended loading

· Charterer/shipper’s details

· Agent’s details

· Copy of the shipper’s cargo declaration and supporting certificates

This will enable the Managers to provide Members with relevant information on measures that might be taken to reduce the risk as set out in the Notice to Member No.7 2021/2022, such as the appointment of a local surveyor to assist the Master, the testing of cargo samples by a reliable independent laboratory and the appointment of an expert, not necessarily to attend in person, but to liaise and supervise the local surveyor throughout. These measures may reduce the risks inherent in the carriage of iron ore fines cargoes from this port but are not a guarantee of safety.

If the Master is in any doubt whatsoever as regards to the suitability and safety of the cargo, loading must be stopped. The Member should contact the Managers immediately. Problems are likely to arise if the loading of unsafe cargo is permitted. It may, for example, be difficult to discharge the cargo due to the lack of facilities in the loading port or complications arising from local customs regulations.

Possible Prejudice to Club Cover

Members should be aware that they may be prejudicing Club cover if they fail to notify the Managers that they plan to fix or charter a ship, or that a ship has been ordered, to load iron ore fines from Pepel, Sierra Leone.

Yours faithfully,

For: West of England Insurance Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
(As Managers)

S G Parrott