Notices to Members

Appendix C – Special Representatives

Final draft – 24.2.99


The Special Representatives

  1. The Salvage Master, the owners of the vessel and the SCR shall co-operate with the Special Representatives and shall permit them to have full access to the vessel to observe the salvage operation and to inspect such of the ship's documents as are relevant to the salvage operation.

  2. The Special Representative shall have the right to be informed of all material facts concerning the salvage operation as the circumstances reasonably allow.

  3. If an SCR has been appointed the SCR shall keep the Special Representatives (if any and if circumstances permit) fully informed and shall consult with the said Special Representatives. The Special Representatives shall also be entitled to receive a copy of the Daily Salvage Reports direct from the Salvage Master or, if appointed, from the SCR.

  4. The appointment of any Special Representatives shall not affect any right that the respondent ship and cargo interests may have (whether or not they have appointed a Special Representative) to send other experts or surveyors to the vessel to survey ship or cargo and inspect the ship's documentation or for any other lawful purpose.

  5. If an SCR or Special Representative is appointed the Contractor shall be entitled to limit access to any surveyor or representative (other than the said SCR and Special Representative or Representatives) if he reasonably feels their presence will substantially impede or endanger the salvage operation.