Products 29 Apr, 2021

Qwest Overview


A joint venture bringing together the expertise of C Solutions and the global reach of West to create innovative products and services to assist ship operators throughout the voyage cycle. Full information is available at www.qwestmaritime.com.

There are currently 7 products, with more in development.

Qwest website: qwestmaritime.com 

Qwest Legal

This is a legal advice line giving unlimited 24 hour advice on maritime contracts - pre and post fixture - from qualified lawyers and maritime professionals. There is also the ability to purchase legal costs insurance up to $1m.

Qwest Shipmanagers

This is a Qwest Legal product designed specifically for professional ship managers who might have need for advice on contractual disputes not covered by their current insurers.

Qwest Claims

A flexible claims handling service designed to respond to a need for advice and hands on handling of all types of marine claims where the ship operator has no other source of help – i.e. it is not covered by a traditional insurance by reason of scope of cover or deductible. Or out sourcing to a ship operator who does not have the skills or expertise in house.

Qwest Care

When a marine casualty occurs, much of the damage – the loss of life, personal injury, property damage and operational disruption – is apparent in tangible form. Other less tangible forms of damage, such as crew stress and trauma and the effects they can have on a return to normal operations, are less visible.

Qwest Forensics

Three areas of advice are available from a team of experienced law enforcement and intelligence officers. This includes, asset tracing, counterparty due diligence and investigation into specific incidents on board ship and expert evidence.

Qwest Demurrage

A service offering timely and expert Demurrage claim preparation and presentation. And the ability to finance the claims to assist cashflow during the contractual payment period.

Qwest Freight

Offers the factoring of this marine receivable ( it can be linked to QWEST Demurrage) so that a ship operator can have the benefit of the cashflow whilst awaiting formal payment from the charterers under the terms of the contract.

Qwest GA

There is often a delay in publishing a GA award – sometimes years. During that time, the ship owner is has expenses, usually paid for and on behalf of cargo interests. These are usually secured but nonetheless the shipowner is out of pocket. This service offers to assist the shipowners cashflow by financing those expenses until the GA award is published.