Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is a key component of the West of England’s service. Find our full range of Loss Prevention guides, bulletins, safety posters and other materials below.

  • Bunker Quality Disputes Part 1: Practical and Technical Measures Bulletin PDF (494.5 KB)

    When off-specification bunkers are used the consequences can be serious, and may involve machinery damage and significant delays and expenses. This Bulletin deals with the actions and steps that should be considered in order to avoid off-specification bunker disputes.

  • Malaria - Practical Guidance for Seafarers Bulletin PDF (427.2 KB)

    Malaria is a potentially life threatening illness responsible for hundreds of thousands of fatalities every year, and the Club continues to encounter claims where crewmembers have contracted this mosquito borne infectious disease. Due to the nature of their work seafarers may regularly visit ports where Malaria is prevalent. In order to reduce the likelihood of seafarers getting malaria, this Bulletin contains advice on the practical m...

  • Coal Cargoes - Measuring Methane Gas Levels in Cargo Holds Bulletin PDF (202.6 KB)

    It has become apparent that on vessels carrying coal cargoes that are liable to self-heat, the Deck Officers are often unaware that a low oxygen content in a hold will affect the accuracy of methane gas readings taken using a catalytic type gas detector. This Bulletin describes the problem and explains how accurate methane gas measurements can be taken from cargo spaces containing a low oxygen concentration.

  • Heat Damage to Agricultural Products Bulletin PDF (209.8 KB)

    Heat damage and the self-heating of agricultural products caused by being placed next to heated fuel oil and fuel oil residue tanks has led to a number of costly cargo claims recently. This Alert explains the problem and recommends measures that should be taken to prevent such claims occurring.

  • STS Transfer Operations - Incidents Resulting in Contact Damage Bulletin PDF (193.4 KB)

    Instances of contact damage during STS operations involving entered vessels have been increasing recently. This Alert highlights the principal causes of recent incidents, and focusses on the safeguards that should be considered to reduce the likelihood of contact damage occurring during STS operations.

  • The Carriage of Soya Beans in Bulk Bulletin PDF (850 KB)

    Soya beans are typically carried in bulk, and due to the nature of the product claims for damage are frequently encountered, as well as occasional shortage claims. This Loss Prevention Bulletin addresses the particular characteristics of soya beans and the precautionary measures that should be taken to achieve a sound outturn of this cargo.

  • The Carriage of Rice Bulletin PDF (2.3 MB)

    The carriage of rice in bags and in bulk is an established trade. However, claims for damage and/or shortages frequently arise. This Bulletin contains guidance on the problems associated with the carriage of rice along with various precautionary measures that may help to reduce rice cargo claims.

  • The Carriage of Reefer Containers Bulletin PDF (531.4 KB)

    Although the carriage of chilled and frozen cargo in reefer (refrigerated) containers has been performed for many years, the Club continues to experience claims for alleged cargo damage. This Bulletin includes guidance for ships’ crews on the loading and carriage of reefer containers to help reduce the possibility of claims arising, along with general information on their operation and use.

  • Coal Cargoes - Know the Dangers Bulletin PDF (356.8 KB)

    The Club continues to experience serious incidents involving coal cargoes, where it has appeared that crewmembers have not been entirely familiar with the hazards associated with the cargo. This Alert reminds seafarers of the potential hazards that exist with coal, and contains practical advice on managing the risk.

  • The Rescue of Migrants and Refugees at Sea Bulletin PDF (287.1 KB)

    Entered vessels are increasingly being involved in the rescue and carriage of persons in distress in the Mediterranean. This Alert provides guidance on the Master’s obligations, practical considerations as well as the application of Club cover for vessels engaged in rescuing migrants and refugees at sea.