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CHIRP September 2022 (China) [PDF]

04 Nov, 2022

CHIRP September 2022 (Filipino) [PDF]

04 Nov, 2022

CHIRP September 2022 (Spanish) [PDF]

04 Nov, 2022

CHIRP September-2022 (English) [PDF]

04 Nov, 2022

Loss of Hire

28 Feb, 2023
Loss of Hire (LoH) insurance protects a Shipowner's income and cash flow if a casualty prevents the vessel from earning hire.

China - Guangxi MSA Announces New Shipping Routes for the Beibu Gulf

03 Apr, 2023
Guangxi MSA, the Maritime Safety Administration of Guangxi Province in China, has recently announced the implementation of the planned optimisation and adjustment to the shipping routes along the coast...

MEPC-1 Circ-795 Rev-7 [PDF]

11 Jul, 2023

China - Shandong MSA Revises Rules for the VTMS for Rizhao and Lanshan Ports

26 Apr, 2023
Shandong MSA has published the revised rules for supervising and administering the Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) at Rizhao Port and Lanshan Port in China. The new rules aim to strengthen vessel...

China - Regional MSAs Announce New Shipping Routes in the Bohai Sea and Eastern Waters

09 Jan, 2024
Collaborative efforts to enhance maritime safety and oversee ship navigation in the Bohai Sea and its eastern waters have resulted in the collective issuance of 27 significant navigation routes by the...

3-CAE-Stowaways-Chris-Edwards [PPTX]

26 Oct, 2022