The Club believes strongly that effective claims handling leads to lower claims costs and ultimately to lower premiums. It also believes that effective claims handling should work hand in hand with Members’ commercial requirements and seeks not only to reduce insured losses but also uninsured risks.

Claims handling services are provided on a 24-hour basis through any one or more of the offices in London, Hong Kong and Greece according to Members’ requirements.

The claims teams have a wide diversity and depth of skills. As with underwriting, building strong working relationships and fully understanding Members’ business is a vital component of the effectiveness of the West of England’s claims handling services. In addition to its in house capabilities, the Club maintains a global network of legal and commercial correspondents in all major ports and jurisdictions.

Major casualties are handled by a dedicated emergency response team and, where appropriate, the Club’s emergency response plans are closely integrated with those of Members. Selected external lawyers and commercial correspondents are also included in emergency response planning to ensure the most effective local response.

Advisory services in relation to claims, claims risks and claims prevention and mitigation are key components of the Club’s claims services. Working alongside the Loss Prevention team, claims handlers provide wide ranging help and advice to Members in preventing claims and on practical, legal and contractual measures which may reduce or limit exposure should an incident occur.

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