Cargo Claims and Cargo Disputes Seminar

27th March 2018

Erin Walton and Dr Michaela Domijan-Arneri of West of England spoke at LSLC's  Forum on Current Issues regarding Cargo Claims and Cargo Disputes, which took place at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies in London.

The seminar focussed on some legal issues that have recently arisen in relation to the performance of shipping contracts involving the carriage of cargo.

While these contracts tend to be subject to standard terms which are widely used in the industry, the interpretation of these terms continues to give rise to disputes and some recent cases have shed new light on the way in which they might be construed and understood, making this a subject that is ripe for re-examination.

Speakers at the event were: 

  • Dr Miriam Goldby – CCLS, Queen Mary University of London
  • Poonam Melwani QC – Quadrant Chambers
  • Erin Walton and Dr Michaela Domijan-Arneri – West of England Insurance Services
  • Charlotte Tan – 20 Essex Street

This was the first all-female panel at the LSLC, attracting a full house!

Erin Walton delivering her presentationErin Walton delivering her presentation

Erin and Michaela talked about Current and Practical Issues of the Inter-Club Agreement (ICA).
You can view their presentation HERE.   

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