The Club underwrites through its offices in London and Hong Kong with strong and experienced teams in both places. The underwriting objective is to maintain an overall break even underwriting result for the whole of the Club’s business over time. For individual Members underwriting aims to achieve the same objective, so that premium levels remain fair and proportionate to risk. Premium rates are set partly on the basis of each Member’s past claims experience and partly on the basis of future risk exposure, but always with a view to being both competitive and appropriate for the extent of cover required.

The Club’s underwriters maintain a close dialogue with the membership throughout the year to ensure that cover is kept up to date with every Members’ particular requirements and that the Club continually enhances its understanding of each Member’s current and future business.

Our business development strategy aims to see the Club grow at a measured pace, but with a strong emphasis on continuously improving the quality of the membership in terms of risk profile and operating standards. Building relationships with Members and their brokers, which will remain both strong and long term is a key part of the underwriting process.

Details of the Club's range of insurance products, application forms and a series of useful Underwriting Guides to various aspects of cover can be found by using the navigation menu to the right.

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