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“Ever Given” grounding and blockage of the Suez Canal - advice on legal issues

The container vessel “Ever Given” grounded in the Suez Canal at about 0540 UTC on 23 March 2021 as it was transiting northbound through the canal en-route to Rotterdam, Netherlands. Press release from the P&I insurers of the “Ever Given” suggest that all crew are safe and accounted for and there have been no reports of pollution or cargo damage.

Suumit Madhu
Suumit Madhu
Senior Underwriter

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  • News 06 May, 2021
    Why do tankers keep exploding? - Waypoints article

    Oil/chemical tanker blasts are still happening despite the implementation of updated requirements for inert gas systems.

    Dean Crossley
    Dean Crossley
    Loss Prevention Manager
  • News 28 Apr, 2021
    Big data in the shipping industry - Waypoints article

    To date, the industry has relied on outdated systems and processes to manage and mitigate risks. Today, increased connectivity and data availability are driving a revolution in how decisions are made in our day-to-day life and working environments.

  • News 26 Apr, 2021
    China: Ban on transportation of highly toxic chemicals in Yangtze River basin

    The Yangtze River Protection Law, ratified by Chinese authorities, was adopted on 26 December 2020. The law came into force as of 01 March 2021. It will prohibit the transportation of acutely toxic chemicals and other dangerous chemicals along the Yangtze River Basin.

    James Oliver
    James Oliver
    Loss Prevention Officer

Sanctions news

  • Sanctions News 03 Nov, 2020
    Iran sanctions: Designation of Strait Shipbrokers, Singapore

    It was announced on 29 October 2020 that Strait Shipbrokers in Singapore as well as its executive Murtuza Mustafaunir Basrai had been added to the U.S. SDN list.

    Tony Paulson
    Tony Paulson
    Corporate Director
  • News 28 Jul, 2020
    Sanctions - UK Governments Maritime Guidance

    Following publication of the United States’ Global Maritime Advisory in May (see here) providing advice to the maritime community concerning compliance with U.S. sanctions, the UK Government’s Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI)...

    Tony Paulson
    Tony Paulson
    Corporate Director


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