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Issue 06

Sailing Towards Cleaner Seas

In issue 6 we explore marine pollution, legislative progress, and industry insights. Highlights include the Torrey Canyon incident, alternative fuel spills, environmental restoration efforts, plastic pollution, underwater noise pollution, and an interview with industry expert Roel Hoenders

In this edition you will also find the reoccurring popular 'BriefCases' and 'On the Horizon' articles, as well as highlights from West Hellas.

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Issue 05 

Riding the Waves of Industry Innovation 

Issue 05 of Waypoints provides a comprehensive view of some of the latest innovations and trends that are shaping our industry.

Expect topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous vessels and Renewable Energy, including discussions on these 'hot topics' from a maritime perspective. In this edition, we also look at War Risks, the Marine Hull Market and a first-hand account aboard a US tug. With articles from West employees as well as external contributors, this Waypoints provides expertise in how to respond to these new challenges. 

Also featured in this edition is the history of our London office, as well as the reoccurring popular 'BriefCases' and 'On the Horizon' articles.

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Issue 04

ESG - Navigating a new reality

The theme for this edition of Waypoints is the complicated world of ESG...

Our aim for this issue is to inform and inspire on the opportunity that ESG brings, and delve into how we are navigating this new reality.

Expect topics such as gender imbalance, ESG's role in claims handling, ship recycling and also the reoccurring and popular 'BriefCases' and 'On the Horizon' articles. 

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Issue 03

Chartering Matters

The third issue of Waypoints magazine takes a look at the relationship between shipowner and charterer, and honing in on matters such as Salvage and General Average through to War Risk. We have outlined recent arbitration cases that discuss the lessons to be learnt and examine the consequences and potential implications of each decision to a Charterer.
Also included are features from Waves Group on Big Data and the digital revolution, and the National Oceanography Centre on Big Science, which is happening everyday on NOC vessels.
Our Singapore office now has its turn in the spotlight, and we present a range of forthcoming legislative changes that could impact our membership, from EEXI to SEEMP.

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Issue 02

Wellness at Sea, Wellness on Shore

The second issue of Waypoints magazine takes the mental health of mariners as its focus. Our staff outline beneficial techniques for self-awareness and reflection, highlight compassionate crew welfare policies, look at amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention designed to protect seafarers abandoned by their employers, and emphasise the critical importance of the next steps. Also included are features on the International Group’s ongoing work to provide consistent cover for its stakeholders irrespective of global trading fluctuations, and the wisdom of implementing delay insurance. Our New York branch comes under the office profile spotlight, and we present another round-up of recent arbitrations.

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Issue 01

Under Attack

Our launch issue is a cyber-themed special which examines the constant and ever-increasing threat of cyber exposures, and suggests measures by which maritime organisations can mitigate the potential damage to their business. Also included are features on the impact of the pandemic upon seafarers; the encouraging role played by big data within the shipping industry; what can be done to prevent tanker explosions; the advantages offered by electronic bills of lading; plus the first of our regular profiles of West offices in different territories, as well as a round-up of current legal cases.

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