Loss Prevention 29 Apr, 2024

China - Shandong MSA Issues Notice on Recommended Fishing Vessel Route in Southeast Shidao

Dean Crossley
Dean Crossley
Loss Prevention Manager

To enhance maritime safety and regulate vessel traffic in the densely navigated waters of southeast Shidao, Weihai, the Shandong Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) and Shandong Agriculture and Rural Administration have jointly issued a notice on 09 April 2024.

The notice provides crucial guidance on the recommended route for fishing vessels, aiming to mitigate potential collisions and streamline navigation in the area. Specifics regarding the new shipping routes are available in Circular No.: SPI240401, released by PRC P&I correspondent Shanghai P&I Services on 18 April 2024.

The designated densely navigated area was initially outlined in the Weihai Maritime Safety Administration's Notice No. 017 (2015). It is demarcated by four points, covering an expanse of 11 nautical miles east to west and 22 nautical miles north to south.

This area witnesses heavy maritime traffic and complex navigational conditions, often resulting in collisions between commercial and fishing vessels. Vessels are urged to exercise caution and adopt preventive measures to avoid accidents.


The recommended route for fishing vessels is a defined water area enclosed by four points. This designated route spans 11 nautical miles east to west and 6 nautical miles north to south. It aims to guide fishing vessels through the area in an organised manner, regulating navigation and minimising potential collisions with commercial vessels.

The boundary AB of the route coincides with fishing zone boundaries, which helps fishing vessels recognise it quickly. Navigation guidelines for fishing vessels include entering or exiting the recommended route at the smallest possible angle, navigating along the right side of the route in the direction of travel whenever safe and feasible, observing other fishing vessels when crossing north-south, ensuring clear communication via VHF Channel 16, and complying with traffic management regulations for safety.

For commercial vessels, guidelines include observing fishing vessel activity before navigating through the area, avoiding the recommended fishing vessel route when traveling east-west, and exercising caution with communication and overtaking when crossing the recommended fishing vessel route north-south. 

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention Department.