News 24 Oct, 2013

Brazil - Maritime Traffic Information System (SISTRAM)

Club correspondents Brazil P&I, Santos have advised that a new vessel reporting system will shortly be introduced in Brazilian waters.

The new Maritime Traffic Information System (SISTRAM) was originally due to enter into force on 15 October 2013 but its operation has now been postponed until 15 January 2014 at the earliest. The principal purpose of the new system will be to expedite Search and Rescue (SAR) activities utilising vessels known to be in the vicinity of a casualty, operating in a similar manner to the United States AMVER and Australian AUSREP systems. SISTRAM will also be used by various national authorities in Brazil to monitor maritime traffic.

Within Brazilian territorial waters and inland waterways, reporting will be mandatory for all vessels regardless of flag. In addition, Brazilian flagged vessels and those chartered to Brazilian shipowners or companies will be required to submit routing and position reports to SISTRAM when trading worldwide.

When sailing within the Brazilian SAR area of responsibility, vessels that are not Brazilian flagged or chartered to Brazilian shipowners or companies will be invited to submit information on their planned route and positions to SISTRAM.

Further information on SISTRAM, report formats, reporting requirements and the Brazilian SAR area of responsibility can be found in the Brazilian Naval Command of Maritime Traffic Control (COMCONTRAM) publication Maritime Traffic Information System and on the COMCONTRAM website.

Members requiring further guidance should contact the Loss Prevention department.