News 16 Sep, 2016

North American Emission Control Area: Sulphur in Fuel Content Verification Process

Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security Department has implemented a robust programme to ensure that vessels, operating within the waters of the North American Emission Control Area which fall under Canadian jurisdiction, are utilising fuel oil containing not more than 0.1% sulphur content by mass (m/m) in accordance with Section 111 of the Vessel Pollution and Dangerous Chemicals Regulations.

Marine Safety Inspectors when conducting routine inspections may request samples be drawn from the fuel system which will then be analysed using a portable fuel analyser. If a fuel analyser is not available, or where deemed necessary by the inspector, the sample will be sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis.

The scope of the programme does not apply to foreign or domestic vessels using sulphur emission control systems, utilising alternative fuels or operating under a waiver issued under Regulation 3 or Regulation 4 of Annex VI to MARPOL.

Where a foreign vessel is powered by a propulsion boiler not originally designed for continued operation on marine distillate fuel or natural gas, or is a Canadian vessel operating under a fleet averaging programme as set out in Section 111.1, or is exempted from Section 111 of the Regulations as decided by Transport Canada Marine Technical Review Board then the verification process will not apply.

The results of the fuel oil verification process will be shared with a number of interested parties within the maritime industry although the details of the actual vessels concerned will not be disclosed.

Members requiring further information should contact the Loss Prevention department.