Loss Prevention 05 Oct, 2021

New Loss Prevention Bulletin Published - Cardiovascular Disease

Emma Forbes-Gearey
Emma Forbes-Gearey
Loss Prevention Officer

A new Loss Prevention Bulletin on Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) has been published to highlight the various conditions of CVD, their signs and symptoms, and preventative actions that an individual can take to avoid the onset of CVD.

CVD is the leading cause of death worldwide. Global statistics show that approximately 18 million people lose their lives annually to the disease. Seafarers are not exempt from this. Even though they must have a medical fitness exam every two years and sometimes an additional pre-employment medical, there is still an assumed slightly higher risk of them having a form of CVD than those working ashore. The influenceable risk factors onboard a ship consist of ship-specific stress situations, overeating and lack of exercise. Consequences of a CVD event depend highly on the measures taken within the first few hours of the event occurring; however, critical first aid is limited on cargo ships as they have basic facilities.

The addition of this bulletin further supports the REACT! Posters – Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack, Hypertension and Stroke – covering common conditions affecting the heart and circulatory system under the group of disorders for CVD.

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