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China Pollution Regulations

01 Oct, 2019
Regulations for owners/operators of vessels carrying oil or hazardous cargoes in bulk or any other vessel greater than 10,000gt to contract with a pollution clean-up company (termed an “SPRO”) before entering...

China Pollution Regulations

04 Jan, 2012
The Managers are pleased to announce that a new website page has been developed to assist Members in complying with these Regulations by providing reference materials and the latest news and information...

China Pollution Regulations - New FAQs

22 Mar, 2012
The International Group has published an updated set of FAQs to help provide guidance to Members on complying with the requirements to contract with an oil spill response operator before entering a mainland...

Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Marine Pollution from

03 Jun, 2015
Translations: Chinese The requirement under these...

China - Pollution - Qianhe Group - Update

05 May, 2015
As reported in our News Item of 21st April 2015, the Club has been made aware of an issue regarding the Qianhe Group, which provides pollution response - or “SPRO” - services as well as sludge removal...

Pollution in China - Ningbo & Zhoushan

10 Dec, 2014
Translations: Chinese  Vietnamese   As noted in our recent Notice to Members No. 18 2014/2015, the International Group has issued a revised sample SPRO agreement wording. There is only a single SPRO in...

China - New Regulations for the Management of the Collection and Disposal of Pollutants, Tank Cleani

10 Feb, 2011
On 1 January 2011 new rules came into force regulating the collection and disposal of pollutant residues, tank cleaning and oil transfers within the jurisdiction of the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration...

China – Pollution – Qianhe Group – Further Update

02 Jun, 2015
As reported in our News Items of 21st April 2015 and 5th May 2015, the Club has been made aware that the Qianhe Group, which provides pollution response or "SPRO" services in a number of ports in China,...