The West of England offers a wide range of insurance products to assist its Members. These range from the standard covers available for owners and charterers to additional covers that are designed to assist Members in particular circumstances.

Information on each cover can be found by clicking on the product name or "More info" links below. Further details including policy terms and limits can then be obtained from the Managers via the contact details shown at the foot of this page.

Standard Covers

Mutual P&I Cover

The Club's principal insurance product for those connected with the ownership and operation of an entered vessel. It encompasses the full range of P&I risks (a full description of the cover offered can be found in our Class 1 Rules), together with the very high limits of cover unique to the International Group Clubs - more than US$6 billion per claim with sub-limits for passengers, passengers and crew combined, and pollution. [More info]

Fixed P&I Cover

Our fixed product has been developed to meet the needs of the operator of small vessels (usually less than 10,000 GT) and provides the same scope of cover for P&I risks as our main mutual product with full service support. It is suitable for many types of smaller vessels and offers variable limits up to US$1 billion. [More info]

Charterers Comprehensive Cover

This product was specifically designed to provide comprehensive protection against the extensive liabilities faced by charterers, whether on a time, voyage, COA or slot basis. As well as encompassing cover for a charterer's exposure to the same risks as can be found in our main P&I products, it can also be tailored to meet an individual Member's requirements by incorporating other risks specific to charterers. Cover limits of up to US$1 billion are available. [More info]

FD&D Cover

Providing insurance against legal and other costs in pursuing or defending claims in respect of entered vessels across a wide range of potential disputes typically encountered by vessel operators, our FD&D cover also provides a commercially-focussed legal advisory service to both owner and charterer Members. There is a standard cover limit of US10 million but higher limits up to US$15m are available. [More info]

Additional Covers

The West of England’s standard P&I cover is very broad in scope but occasionally a Member may need to engage in activities or contract on terms which fall outside of normal Club cover. The Club helps meet its Members’ operational requirements by offering a wide range of additional covers, which are designed to complement normal cover and can be tailored to meet an individual Member’s needs.

Extended Crew Cover

Provides cover for liabilities which fall outside of normal P&I cover, such as where crew employment contracts have levels of compensation in excess of industry limits, crew are engaged in activity outside the operation of the vessel (e.g. shore training) or liability as a charterer in relation to their own personnel on board. [More info]

Crew Familiarisation Cover

Provides cover for crew liabilities where crew are on board a vessel either prior to purchase/delivery or after it has been sold and where it is not currently entered with the Club. [More info]

Extended Cargo Liability Cover

Provides cover where Members are obliged to contract on terms less favourable than Hague or Hague Visby Rules, as well as for other cargo-related liabilities which fall outside normal P&I cover such as issuing ad-valorem bills of lading or the carriage of rare and valuable cargo. [More info]

Deck Cargo Cover

Provides cover for liabilities arising from the carriage of cargo on deck which fall outside of normal P&I cover, such as where cargo is carried on deck against a bill of lading without a suitable liberty clause or where deck stowage has not been agreed by the shipper and stated on the bill. [More info]

Deviation Cover

Provides cover for liabilities to cargo interests where a vessel deviates from her contractual voyage for reasons which are deemed to be unreasonable and a breach of the contract of carriage. [More info]

Other Facilities

Piracy - Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Club cover for the consequences of piracy may be limited and especially for ransom payments where sums would only be recoverable from the Club under certain limited circumstances. The Club has therefore made arrangements with a London broker for Members to purchase separate kidnap and ransom cover. [More info]

PEME Programme

Statutory pre-employment medicals for seafarers are not all of the same quality and a seafarer becoming ill or incapacitated from a pre-existing illness when serving on board can cause delay to the ship and significant medical and repatriation costs on the Member's record. The Club has consequently made arrangements with clinics in several major centres of seafarer recruitment for enhanced PEME programmes to be available to West of England Members. [More info]

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