Loss Prevention Safety Alerts

Please check this page at regular intervals as further Loss Prevention Safety Alerts are in the process of being added.

Interaction Damage to Vessels Moored Alongside - February 2017

Entered vessels continue to either suffer or cause damages in ports, rivers and canals because of the effects of hydrodynamic interaction from passing too close and / or too fast to moored vessels. This Alert explains the interactions experienced between a passing and moored vessel, recommends safeguard measures, factors to be considered and actions to be taken following a damage event.

Heat Damage to Agricultural Products - December 2015

Heat damage and the self-heating of agricultural products caused by being placed next to heated fuel oil and fuel oil residue tanks has led to a number of costly cargo claims recently. This Alert explains the problem and recommends measures that should be taken to prevent such claims occurring.

Coal Cargoes - Know the Dangers - June 2015

The Club continues to experience serious incidents involving coal cargoes, where it has appeared that crewmembers have not been entirely familiar with the hazards associated with the cargo. This Alert reminds seafarers of the potential hazards that exist with coal, and contains practical advice on managing the risk.

The Rescue of Migrants and Refugees at Sea - June 2015

Entered vessels are increasingly being involved in the rescue and carriage of persons in distress in the Mediterranean. This Alert provides guidance on the Master’s obligations, practical considerations as well as the application of Club cover for vessels engaged in rescuing migrants and refugees at sea.

Colombia - Drug Smuggling - November 2014

A number of recent cases where drugs have been smuggled on vessels from Colombian ports have focussed attention on this issue. This Alert details the recent cases and includes recommended measures to counter the problem.

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