West Partners

Our partners are uniquely placed to provide a variety of flexible industry solutions.


Nordic marine insurance was founded in Stockholm in 2012 and is an approved insurance company by the Swedish FCA, as well as being a cover holder at Lloyd's. 

Their core business is Fixed premium primary Delay insurance which covers the loss of an agreed daily insured amount for delays following named perils within the traditional 14 day deductible of a Loss of Hire insurance.

Lead by a team that has more than 150 years of cumulative experience in all marine insurance fields. Dan Lennhammer, Nordic’s Managing Director, together with Claudio Blancardi, Underwriter and Marketing Director and Magnus Hammarqvist, Claims Director have all been with Nordic since its creation.

With a focus on niche marine insurance products but with the benefit of strong partnerships with major re-insurers NMI can also provide other mainstream marine covers.


A maritime risk management consultancy built to provide versatile shipping support.

Qwest brings together the expertise of the West and the innovative legal and consultancy skills of C Solutions to offer the maritime industry a suite of tailored products to address those needs. Our experienced team can work alongside and support a client’s in-house functional departments but also offer bespoke services for particular roles or even provide operators with the option of outsourcing a number of their back-office functions.

Completely flexible and able to be tailored to meet each client’s individual needs, Qwest is always there to protect and support ship operators and traders throughout their operations.

Qwest Investigation



A cyber risk services company dedicated to providing integrated, holistic risk management solutions for the maritime industry.

Unlike other providers who only offer services or products to tackle discrete pieces of the complete cyber threat, Astaara - through its flagship offering AstaaraCyber - provides a complete risk management solution for shipowners, the offshore industry and port operators. 

In the traditional marine insurance market, cyber cover must be purchased separately across different lines. Business Interruption is often not a covered risk and there may be no cover available for shoreside operations. By contrast, with AstaaraCyber:

  • Cover is available for all a client’s business, including shoreside
  • All areas of cyber are insured in one place
  • Defence & Remediation is covered
  • Loss of Revenue/Business Interruption is available
  • Physical loss and Liabilities are also covered