News 11 Dec, 2013

Coal from Kalimantan, Indonesia – Revision of Surveyor Requirement

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According to recent statistical information, the number of self-heating incidents arising while loading coal from ports in Kalimantan province, Indonesia appears to have fallen. Consequently Members are no longer required to appoint a surveyor at the load port.

However, since Kalimantan coal remains a cargo which may self-heat and, to a lesser extent, emit methane, the Managers nevertheless recommend that Members instruct a surveyor to assist the master during loading.

It should not be assumed that the overall risk has reduced as serious self-heating incidents and cargo fires continue to occur on passage or at the discharge port. Indeed, the severity of post-departure incidents has reportedly increased. Members should therefore consider their exposure to self-heating incidents and cargo fires very carefully before accepting shipments of coal from Kalimantan, taking into account the hazards and precautions set out in Notice to Members No.16 2013/2014 which has been amended to reflect this development.